Norseman, rest day, ahhhh!

I really needed today. Like all adventures, there is adversity. Starting last Thursday and Friday, Border Village to Kalgoorlie, I’ve been dealing with a cold virus. I’ve gotten better as the week played out but certainly not how I planned to feel the first week of this ride. Long days, cool weather, extreme exertion, rain, […]

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Picture Summary day

The three of us have managed to safely arrive in Perth, 6 days of driving, 7 days total since we left Goulburn. We have Saturday and Sunday to get the last minute plans in order and then Monday begins the slow roll back, arrival anticipated about the first week in September, certainly before Sept. 20th, […]

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900 Kilometer day

Wednesday July 27, 2022             Big driving day today, alarm at 6:00 A.M. but we are so close to the Western Australia border, maybe 100 meters, and there is a time change as soon as we cross the border, none of us I think, certainly not me, know what time it will be. Because we are […]

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thank you!

Huge Thank you is due! I’ve had some time to acclimate to my home away from home for the next two months, yes, I said two months! What I do need to express is my sincere gratitude to Bushy and Scotty, my mates for this adventure. I’m really not sure how this trip really came […]

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About ready for the drive west

It’s Friday P.M. in Goulburn and just about all our bags are packed waiting to see if we can fit them, the bikes and the three of us inside the van. Tomorrow we plan to start the drive towards Adelaide, at least part of the way as it is about 14 hours to get from […]

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Hanging in Goulburn

Prep and Acclimatization in Goulburn Success, I’m in Australia at my friends home for a week prior to the big drive to Perth. I feel lucky that all the travel to here went well, baggage check in, flight to LA, re check in and then the 14 hour leg to Sydney. It’s a super long […]

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Plane Ride that doesn’t end

Delta 041, LA to Sydney, 5/15/22 through 7/17/22             I’m still feeling like this is a bit surreal even though I’ve been in two airplanes for a total of about 13 hours plus the 5-6 hours of waiting in Mpls and LA airports.  The anxious feelings I had about baggage and checking in during Covid ASE […]

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Aussie Visa, where are you?

Visa Oh Visa, where are you? I’ve been lucky enough to have traveled a fair bit over the years, in the USA and outside the USA. Americans are spoiled in that we think all we have to do to travel is just get in a vehicle of some sort, car, truck, train, plane and just […]

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4 day summary

Internet access is intermittent along the Great Eastern Highway so these updates will come when I can connect. Also, the ride days are long which means prep time and recovery time is critical. That leaves less time to add posts, sorry. Sunday Highlights: A 23 k ride from Applecross in Perth to Cottesloe Beach on […]

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a week today and it starts!

“A Week Today and it Starts” Quote from Bushy             There have been a variety of “starts” associated with this adventure and I suspect there will be more before Monday, Aug 1st when we leave Perth on bikes. Today, Monday the 25th, Scotty and I got a chance to visually experience the actual bike route, or at […]

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