I Challenge You…

To question the basis of your entire education. Propaganda I learned at an early age was the work of political machines trying to undermine and destroy the republic, USA, we live in and we would give anything to uphold.             What we didn’t learn was that propaganda was the insidious adjustment to the knowledge we were […]

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Return to Sailing in 2019

2019, early spring, only a few months after my official retirement from an auto service business that lasted 38 plus years. I’m back to rediscovering what I enjoyed about sailing in the early 80’s. Then, I had just started my auto service business and was just getting interested in cycling, but sailing was taking a […]

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Instead of Manchester 2020

Just realizing that under normal circumstances next week I would be in Manchester UK for my 11th World Masters Track Championships events. It’s 2020, I shouldn’t have to explain the reason I’m not there. Like most, I’m trying to find a new way to find value and purpose in life when things are so unreasonably not […]

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A Story, a search, fall of 2020

A story my coach asked for, careful what you ask for My first memory of a bike experience was when I was quite young, maybe not even 10 years old. Youngest of three brothers in the family, we had one bike. It as a classic old chrome fendered 3 speed Schwinn that was bought probably […]

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