Return to Sailing in 2019

2019, early spring, only a few months after my official retirement from an auto service business that lasted 38 plus years. I’m back to rediscovering what I enjoyed about sailing in the early 80’s. Then, I had just started my auto service business and was just getting interested in cycling, but sailing was taking a […]

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Instead of Manchester 2020

Just realizing that under normal circumstances next week I would be in Manchester UK for my 11th World Masters Track Championships events. It’s 2020, I shouldn’t have to explain the reason I’m not there. Like most, I’m trying to find a new way to find value and purpose in life when things are so unreasonably not […]

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A Story, a search, fall of 2020

A story my coach asked for, careful what you ask for My first memory of a bike experience was when I was quite young, maybe not even 10 years old. Youngest of three brothers in the family, we had one bike. It as a classic old chrome fendered 3 speed Schwinn that was bought probably […]

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