2015 NSC Season

Do you get that feeling that a season starts and then one day you look up and the season is over, welcome to 2015 and me looking at my blog site for the first time in a while and realizing that I need to bring it up to date. This will take a while so don’t hold your breath, more to come soon.

I’m adding text about Manchester 2016 so I guess that means the official NSC race season is done, personal lonely training, track maintenance and Thursday night Madison training is all thats left before the cold weather and CX season takes over.

Kind of a strange season for me in that at the end of 2015 I decided to do RAGBRAI for the umpteenth time, go to USA Masters Champs in Indy 2016 and skip Manchester 2016. I also decided to become a race promoter and host 1 crit in Mounds View August 20th and talk to New Brighton about hosting a crit in 2017. Well those ideas took a major left turn. New Brighton got excited about a chance at having a bike race part of their community festival called Stockyard Days and with all the support they were willing to offer, I couldn’t say no. Result was, no RAGBRAI, no USA Masters and a late season decision to return to the UK one last time. Oh, and then fit in 2 trips to Boulder, one early in the season for some training and then one trip in June to help celebrate a wedding for 2 good friends, and do some race nights at BVV.

The summer was a blur, not sure if I ever got a chance to “smell the roses”

Team wise, I think the PJW Racing team had a great season, some ups and downs, some injuries, some vacations for weddings (congrats John) and all the other things that happen in life to everyone.

The NSC velodrome is still going strong with the support of lots of new racers and lots of volunteer workers helping to keep the old track surface rideable.

I would be remiss if I didn’t also mention that I am on the Board of the future of track cycling in MN after 2019, the Minnesota Cycling Center. This project is still a work in progress and needs all the help it can get from any interested party who can help with planning and fundraising and legislative efforts.