Germany, 1st Tuesday, 3rd week

The Eifel Forest area hasn’t disappointed us. We woke after a great peaceful night to sunshine, light breeze and cool air, but not too cool. Today was big ride day with the anticipation of some climbs. A basic plan refined by the local information center sent us to an area along and around the Rue River and what the guide said was the largest dams in Europe. Bike trail all the way to the dam, first paved and then hard crushed gravel that was easy to ride, especially on the new bike from Sam with 35 mm tires on it. This is a beautiful area and this is a great time to be here, early spring, just greening up and not a lot of tourists around so the roads and trails are open and easy to ride. A few fast motor bikes and expensive cars to share the roads with us but no real traffic at all.

We only got lost once which gave us another 10 to 15 k of ride and climbing. Way laid by some road construction that almost canceled the round trip ride but the workers let us walk through a short distance and then continue the ride. A lunch stop at a local cafe for coffee and what was to be a sandwich ending up in great roast pork  meal. Probably well worth it because there was plenty of climbing to follow, checking our map and getting used to the road signs and markers as we went.

Great drops and twisty curves back down to the river and then pay back with a massive climb back out of the river valley, another shorter climb and then back down to the town of Germund, where we are staying. Oh, and then the maybe steepest climb of the day up a road to where our time share is located, cruel end to a great ride.

Dinner at a local restaurant and a drive around the area which may have ended in a speeding ticket caught by a traffic camera in an area that was basically a speed trap, 100 kph down to 70 kph in less that an eye blink and a red flash probably of the camera telling me I was caught.

Back home and relax with our Netflix choice of the night.

Great day, Bushy and I are both encouraged by our success at all the climbs and kilometers, more to come.