Wednesday, day off

Today is a lazy day off. I slept in later than usual, had breakfast and started to pack for the day out.
The plan, go to the track and watch Linda Sone race, head to Colorado Cyclist to see what the place looks like, drive to the Garden of the Gods and ride the loop a few times, back to the hotel and then back to the track to watch Skibby race in the points race.
So I am back to the hotel, missed Linda’s race because it was taking a lot longer to get through the heats and I needed to be on my way.
I found Colorado Cyclist, fun to see, didn’t even buy anything. I did find another local bike store because I needed a 17 tooth cog to match what coach Chris wanted me to use as warm up gears. I was getting close by adjusting the chain ring but now I am on track.
The Garden of the Gods is quite amazing, just north and west of Colorado Springs, not really in the mountains, just the foot hills but amazing anyhow.
Pictures will be up soon. I did the loop twice, just easy pace, stopping a lot on the first loop for pictures, second loop just to ride.
Always seems amazing to me when I connect to Chris, got the call as I was eating a sandwich sitting in the parking lot of the Garden.
Thanks for the call and advice Chris.
Time for a little nap and get some stuff ready for tomorrows training day then off to the track to cheer Skibby on.
More to come.