I Challenge You…

I Challenge you to question the basis of your entire education. Propaganda I learned at an early age was the work of political machines trying to undermine and destroy the republic, USA, we live in and we would give anything to uphold.

            What we didn’t learn was that propaganda was the insidious adjustment to the knowledge we were fed in schools and society in general that supports a way of life unwelcoming to a large precent of the population that does not look quite the same as the ruling majority. 

            Just ask any POC (Person of Color if you don’t know by now) how they feel anytime they wake up and walk out into the majority community where they live. I can’t understand that feeling because I am not POC. What I can do is look, watch, read, learn, evaluate and try to understand the fallacies I’ve and most of the majority living here have been led to believe. Books: read “My Vanishing Country” by Bakari Sellers, “Home” Toni Morrison, “Absalom, Absalom”, William Faulkner, “Between the World and Me” Ta-Nehisi Coates, there are plenty of others that will start to open your eyes if you are willing to set your bias aside. Movies: try “Just Mercy” if you aren’t into reading, I’m sure there are plenty of others. 

            If 2020 doesn’t teach us anything it is to question any and all sources of information. The man we have called our president for the last 4 years has a record of the highest level of blatant lying probably in recent history of a publicly elected politician and he is the generator of the term “Fake News”, how ironic. I won’t say that others before him have not gone down that path, remember WMD which led the US into war with Iraq? What was the real reason for that war? Look to known good news sources and then find another that can corroborate what you hear/read/learn. Those of you not interested in working to learn truth because it doesn’t support your whims, desires and indoctrination will likely follow like sheep and believe whatever “messiah” suits their liking. There are plenty of examples in history to prove that to be true, small and large scale. Wars are regularly fought based on partial truths. 

            Are there politicians we can trust? Maybe. People are people with all the good and bad influences and motivations. The world we built makes it harder and harder every day for those we might want to trust to stay a reasonable and true course. Always question and ask why they do what they do. Hold them accountable. Work any way you can to improve what is around you for the better.

            What do you share as truth with those around you? What do you share as jokes, memes, bits of humor, hearsay, inuendo general opinions? Do you ever think about what bias led you unwittingly to express what you do? When you post a meme that shows foolishness, lack of education or sophistication and that entire meme shows only POC involved does it not occur to you that POC’s are not the predominant culture in your world, the USA? What you just shared was another insidious degradation those in the meme. Do you even understand the meaning and use of micro aggressions or macro aggressions? If you don’t understand you are either unwilling to open your mind or you will never open your mind. 

            Don’t just get older accepting falsehoods, evolve and understand that all life has meaning and if we want to call our societies advanced, we need to help allow those without meaning have the chance to evolve and gain meaning and self-worth. 

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