# 2011 USA Master Track Champs, T-Town PA

T-Town PA

Tomorrow, we leave tomorrow( Derek and me), how can that be. The early spring became summer and now with this event we are moving into what I have been training for since last November.
I can’t decide if I am ready or not, I feel strong and fast. I have posted some good development times, bettering my previous times so that is encouraging.
The last week has added extra stress because my older brother who has been battling cancer, just died and I needed to go to Texas for a few days to say goodbye. His known cancer days book ended by Frisco’s masters track champs and T towns this year.
The day before I left for TX, I was training at the track and I think all the emotions of my brothers cancer fight came to a head. I was truly not my usual self, anger and frustration and helplessness came together and I crashed myself on the main straight while match sprinting. Just my way to try and knock some sense back into my head. Not very productive but, what can I say. A few bruises and scraps as a reminder going into the T town event. I just need to take all the last weeks feelings and generate some smart, quality racing for this next week. I tried to do that last night with some moderate success.
Last night, another chance at a Madison with my new partner Tom. This is our second effort together. I think we have a good partnership forming, hopefully Tom thinks the same. I my not be the fastest but once in a while I get some sprint points and I seem to be learning more and more every race.
I think I’ve said it before, Madisons, one of my favorite races.
A bit of last minute preparation, gluing a new tire on my rear disc. Last weekends crash damaged the side wall so there a visible bulge on the old tire, not good. With everything else going on, I didn’t get a chance to look things over until Wed. night, so even though I had a spare tire, there wasn’t enough time to glue it up before last night.
I don’t race until the coming Tuesday so there is plenty of time to glue a new tire between now and then.
I am registered for 4 races this year, one more than usual. I added a 30 lap scratch race because there is a day between it and my Sprint rounds to recover.
Tuesday, A.M., 500TT, Tuesday P.M., 30 lap scratch, Thursday, Sprint Qualifiers and finals, Saturday, 40 lap Points race and then start home on Sunday. Derek races every day, Tuesday through Sunday.
There may only be 3 or four NSC trackies at Masters this year. Quite a change from last year when we had about 10 riders.
I will be adding pics and reports as we go along. I will also try to Tweet some daily stuff, Search for pjwhelan and follow if you want.
This year’s theme, fun and success.