Monday in PA

Yawn, lazy Monday. We all slept in this morning, Derek, Dan C. And me. It felt really good. We all made dinner in the room last night watched a replay of the Tour and just had a very relaxing evening.
The Staybridge has a breakfast bar every morning so that will be great, just about anything we could need for a hearty breakfast. Derek and I got down there before they closed up at 9:30 and filled up.
Back to the room, a little planning and then thought we could get some early training in. Not to be, we got to the track to find it open for elites only until 1:00.
Registration opened at 12:30 so we wasted some time and then got registered. Down ton the infield, the weather was looking threatening, but Derek and I got kitted up and started to do some laps. 10 minutes into the session, rain drops, then more rain and then lots of rain. Off the track and under Dan’s tent for shelter.
The tent/canopy, that will be interesting. Dan set it up on Saturday. Later someone told him all the tents had to come down and then there will be a mad rush to open the gates and set them back up at 5 pm today, Monday. We are hoping we can just leave it up but who knows, time will tell.
Derek and I are back at the hotel, eating lunch and waiting for later today when maybe the weather will clear and we can finish what we started a hour ago. We left are bikes and rollers locked up under the tent to hopefully claim our spot, tent or not.
A little tv, maybe a nap and then back at it later.