2011 Prep for Manchester, 1st time

Yes, I know, I’ve been preparing for the 2011 Track Worlds since last fall after I got back from Portugal but right now preparation is a whole different story.
It’s a strange time at the track, little activity, building projects, training for next years Madison Races, lots of low key happenings.
It’s also kind of fun, I get to do some training that just feels fun and exciting, Motor Paced Flying 200’s.
First of all you need a great motor driver, Bob Williams is the man. Steady and consistent and can ride the motor through the Sprinters lane at amazing speeds, I just need to try and keep up with him. Tons of fun!!
This fall, not only do I get to do these efforts but I get to share Bob with Chris Ferris and Mike Hall who are planning for Elites in LA, they leave tomorrow.
That brings up the other side of preparation, I should let Mike tell his side of this story. How do you pack all the track gear you need and bring it across the country/world on an air plane?
Just think of all the trips from the gear trailer to the infield you make on Thursday nights? Now compress that into 2 check on bags and one carry on bag. Add enough clothes and other personal items stuffed in somewhere to get you through a week to 10 days away from home. We get spoiled with all the resources we have at the track and being close to home.
By the way, one of those checked bags will be over sized and will cost extra money, likely $150 one way, to get to your destination. Remember, it can’t be over 70 pounds either or they won’t ship it at all. There is a maximum size limit that is a combination of height, width and length you have to deal with too.
One last thing, remember how careful you were all last summer keeping your track bike and gear in great shape, no nicks in the paint or carbon? The airlines will be equally careful, yeah. I am sure they will take care if you pack the bike in about $50 worth of pipe insulation zip tied on and cushion every item to the max. Just be aware that someone will open you luggage and move it all around and probably not get it put back together the way you had it and some times not even close the bike box all the way.
I have multiple souvenir dings and abrasions from travel, more than from all the track crashes I’ve experienced.
So pack and prepare and plan ahead, the scariest part of going to these races is how and will all my gear be delivered on time, in the right place and in good condition.
Isn’t that right Mike?