Thursday, another vacation day

I know I’m forgetting a lot as I write about this. Usually, I take notes daily and add to this blog as days go by but this year, things just seem to be busy. Even though I have days like today with not a lot to do.

Reading is one of the things I’ve been doing, getting ready for a literature class at the U of M the Thursday after I get back, meaning the day after I get back, and I need to finish reading a book that is oh so difficult.

Today, another road ride to the beach area, alone this time. Slightly different route that meanders through the boardwalk areas around the beach. Another beautiful day, smoggy with smoke from the fires in the state but sunny and warm and wonderful. I guess I can see why people come here to live even with all the traffic, density, air pollution and other negatives. Once you get off the major freeways and into the local neighborhoods, traffic is not too bad, busy and congested at times but other times not bad at all.