## Causes and Initiatives

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on Pexels.com

This initiative is close to my heart, there will be more to come

Minnesota Cycling Center, https://www.mncyclingcenter.org

Mission: The Minnesota Cycling Center seeks to build a velodrome in the Minneapolis St Paul MN area that serves to engage, inspire and challenge current and future cyclists. 

Vision: Harness the community’s experience and enthusiasm for cycling to deliver excellent velodrome racing and training. Utilize the unique physics of a velodrome to engage and educate youth with real world science programming.

MN Cycling Center’s new facility scope. The vision of the MN Cycling Center has always been a place for the community to learn, gather with friends and above all, to discover and engage in the sport of track cycling. That vision hasn’t changed, but in these challenging times we have rethought the scope of our effort.

For the past several months, we have been evaluating other facility concepts that can reduce the cost and construction complexity of our indoor velodrome.  Our revised plans still look towards an indoor velodrome, but with an overall cost target of $10-$15 million, significantly less than our original vision. We believe that our core mission of building an affordable velodrome that can attract new and veteran riders will still be achievable.
We continue to work with architects, engineers and construction experts to define the exact nature of the facility. 
With this change in facility scope, we will still require support from local government partners, business partners and individuals.  We welcome any insights and contributions you can offer.

Volunteers and board members are critical to our success!

Many people have asked how they can help support our mission.  We have several options for volunteers, including educational volunteers and board members:

Open board positions needed now to insure success!

  • Treasurer, with QuickBooks experience
  • At-large Director position with real estate/construction expertise
  • At-large Director position with fund raising and/or grant writing experience

Programming committee members with these interests/expertise to help with our STEM training

  • Program development
  • Education volunteers
  • Mechanical aptitude
  • Group bike riding experience
  • Creative aptitude (drawing and model making)