# 2016 Manchester Worlds Masters Track Championships

2016, last visit to Manchester for Worlds. A little different this year, fewer people stacked in the same accommodations. Similar group of Minnesotans and used to be Minnesotans. The event starts officially on 10/1, Saturday. I’ve been trying to find two other riders to ride a team sprint with me on Saturday in the 65+ age group but no one seems to be interested. Dam, hope I don’t have to troll around like last year day of looking for a team.

Last of my training is happening while I try to get over some cold virus remains that wants to hang on. Hard training, careful recovery.

I’m leaving on Wed the 28th and meeting up with Linsey once I get into town. Jet lagged and ready to put a bike together, a good dinner out and then some casual time for me until Saturday. Back at it Monday, Wed, Thursday and Friday, 4 separate events.

If WordPress lets me, I’ll try and add updates as possible about how everyone is doing. Last count I think the familiar names will be Dan C, Timmer, Linsey, Jen Dorsey (from Boulder but a past NSC racer), me, not sure who else. Oh and then of London our friend Sam of Singular Cycles in the UK will be around some of the week too.