Saturday In Brussels

Ugh, dam I have a cold virus and last night and now today it’s really active. I felt it start after the first ride from Ghent to Brussels on Sunday, wasn’t sure, just a scratchy throat, didn’t seem to bother me, but it just seemed to get worse and Wednesday I went to the pharmacy to get some drugs to help. I think they have and hopefully taking a day off the bike today due to rain and cool temps will help me recover. Tomorrow is spectating at the Tour of Flanders in Oudenarde and then Monday on a flight to Salzburg Germany for some time there. Traveling and getting sick is always a risk I guess, lots of mingling with others who are traveling.

Today was going to be pack the bikes day again so they will be ready for baggage check in at the Brussels airport. I’ll need to spend some time dividing the weight up between my 2 bags to make sure I’m under the limits.

Bike apart and packed into the travel case for Monday’s flight to Salzburg. Only thing accomplished today is food, naps, some packing and food. Back to a movie on Netflix for the evening.