2011 Manchester anticipation

Less than 2 weeks for some of us, less than a week for the rest. If I am any indication, there is some excitement building in about 9 riders from Blaine. Five are about to compete at Elite Track Champs in LA and four of us at Worlds Track Champs in Manchester.
There is more intensity to our efforts at the track, more focus to each time we do the real part of our training. The warm ups are still calm and relaxed but when it comes to doing things like motor pacing, the speeds are up and you can feel the anticipation and excitement building.
It’s also a good time of year because we are working on building our Madison rider base with 3 Thursdays of Madison training. Bob runs a great Madison training class, getting newer quality riders comfortable with the art of Madison racing, one of my favorites.
I leave for Manchester on Oct 5th for 10 days, races start on the 10th. It should be a fun event with Dan Casper, Mark Stewart and Dan Schuller also representing NSC at the world level.
Elites will have a competitive NSC contingent as well, Chris Ferris, Mike Hall, Andy Kruse, Derek Virta and Emma Bast.
There is still a few days left of training, wish us luck.
Once in Manchester I will try to keep this blog as up to date as possible, things can get hectic so no promises.
As I here news from the Elite’s crew I will pass that along too.