2022 will be? A build up to August in Australia and a big bike ride

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Look out, open the door and create your new world, no one is going to do it for ya.

January of 2022 and the world is not a lot different than what I remember 2020 being, maybe better, maybe worse. Some chaos and disbelief everywhere about what this new world is and will be. A lot of crazy people trying to control the world we live in and a huge group just trying to understand everyday, one day at a time. I probably need to come up with some innovative photos to inspire what 2022 should look like but I seem to be at a loss right now. Every day I get up and get into a routine of sorts, as most of us do. Mine is simpler than most I suspect. Here is my plan, look at what I did in 2021 and try to eliminate that which was unproductive and unrewarding and replace those items that have more meaning and and have better good outcomes. How am I gonna do that? I have no idea but it’s a plan anyhow and may make me think through what each day or week will look like. Anyone else with me? What do you think?

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Teaser for August 2022 for me, more to come

Plans are in the making. Airline tickets are purchased. Tourist Visa application is done waiting approval. (Maybe should have gotten that before buying plane tickets eh?) The new TI gravel bike is built and tested, a few times. Fit and finish seem good. Lighter bike for travel and just because I don’t want to ride […]

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What should we do with 2022?

It’s only the 4th of January so we have some time to change that resolution that wasn’t going to hold anyhow into an idea to make 2022 something to be proud of? Well at least something to be better than 2021. Stop thinking about what was and start figuring out what will be. There are […]

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It’s been a while

Last winter and early spring were down times for a lot of obvious reasons. It seemed easier for me to spend time on this blog then even though the posts I was writing were less than pleasant. The world in general and my local area in particular were and are going through significant political and […]

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Cycling 2021

A start to another unusual year of cycling for me. Still no velodrome locally, other kinds of bike racing is happening more virtually than in a group setting, although that is slowly changing. For now the early season is filled with daily coaching plans from my coach in Glasgow, Robert Ferguson, Zoom trainer rides hosted […]

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