Derek was up for a 3K Pursuit this morning and got 2nd in class, great job Derek.
Dan is up at about 3:00 PM to do a 3k Pursuit. The talk is the track is some what slow so time to make adjustments for everyone.
More news later with Dan’s results.
I am up for Sprints all day tomorrow, rollers tonight to loosen up and then time to step it up.


It’s about 7 PM, Derek and I just finished at the free dinner mini buffet, hamburgers and hotdogs and free beer! Couldn’t pass up a small beer even though tomorrow is a big day for me with sprint rounds and matched sprints all day. Derek has a points race not long after 9:00 tomorrow too.
I’ve been resting all day except for going to the track to call splits for Dan during his effort, which he got a second place overall. That’s 2 Silver medals for Dan and one for Derek. Time for me to step up I guess.
A little bit of last years Texas Masters followed us here. Derek and I were relaxing this afternoon, he decided to cook some eggs, heated a pan, sprayed some olive oil on the pan which resulted in a major cloud of cooking smoke. Guess what next, the smoke alarm went off. We tried fanning it and opened a window but it still went off. I thought a bit of flow throw ventilation would help so I opened the door…wrong move. Now the complete hotel is in alarm state, the phone is ringing but when Derek answers, it is just a dial tone. Soon the manager is in the room helping to open more windows. We are on the ground floor so of course the windows only open about 4 inches and then run up against a stop. End result, evacuate the complete hotel and wait for the fire department. I left to get gas and by the time I got back everything was normal again except for a smelly room.
The rest of the day has been calm.
It was exciting to see Dan in first place until the last round when he was beat, but still Silver is good.
Time to finish up and relax for a little longer and then bed ready for a 5:30 AM wake up call.