Thursday Report

It’s about 4 pm on Thursday, time to relax again. I’m having a hard time adjusting to this relaxing thing, certainly different then being at home and work.
Ted showed up today to claim his track bike and start his weekend adventure.
We loaded up and went to the track about noon to meet up with the other NSC riders for some open training time from noon to 2.
Warm up, under gear 200 sub max and max efforts and then cool down laps.
Beautiful sunny, warm great day to be riding a track bike.
There wasn’t a lot of riders out so it was easy to do the efforts. I am getting more and more comfortable with turns 3 and 4, fastest part of the 200 but seems rough/bumpy in the lane. I think I have a good line, readjusted at the end of the day, so I am hopeful of a fast ride. My max under gear effort was 53.6 kph and 918 watts. Still lower than I would like. I have a few more sub max efforts tomorrow bright and early to hone the effort and then time for truth. I didn’t have anyone handy to time the efforts, everyone else was timing someone else or on the track. I will have to wait until tomorrow for a time.
The plan is to get to the track tonight and watch for an hour and then head back for an early night. I need to be at the track ready to go no later than 7:15 A.M. and need to get a good nights rest. There are some match sprint events tonight so I can get a feel for how everyone races them here.