Saturday, warm up day

It’s Saturday morning and I am the first one up. I plan to be ready for my activation time at the track from 12:30 to 2 this year. Last year I was sleeping in when Dan woke me and I had to rush off to the track in a daze.

We were at the track yesterday staking out a home for the week, raising the NSC flag/blanket to claim a spot. Bikes and rollers and some other gear are there now waiting to be ridden. I had a few butterflies yesterday walking in and remembering last year. Good to get them out of the way early. A few familiar faces are here, Phil from here in Manchester who was transporting riders all last year is riding this year, we said our hellos. We are situated right next to the Aussies, Dan’s choice of spots and certainly ok with me.

Today is the casual, fun day of training, tomorrow both Dan and I race. Dan is scheduled to do a 750 and me a 500. The 500 is not a specialty but is a good way to get the week started.

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