Yes, it’s Tuesday, day after a very long Monday, my Scratch race day. Easy morning again, got up earlier then I expected after a very long Monday. A Monday that basically was relaxed with anticipation of my first race of this championships. I got to the track about 3:30, in time to have dinner at the attached cafe knowing that I wouldn’t get to eat a proper meal until after racing. The warm up session started at 5 P.M. for about 40 minutes. The officials let 40 riders out for 8-10 minute sessions. I spent 20 minutes on rollers prior to track time knowing track warm up is limited. On the track in the first group and off before you know it, get in line and hope to get back on which I did in the third group giving me some recovery time. After that, just 3 plus hours of trying to stay roller active and ready for a very short and for me, intense 6 and a half minutes.

No roll around area this year due to 550 entries and the need to use all the infield space for racer cribs and set up. The mass start races have a different entry method this year too. No roll out of the warm up area for a half lap to a start gun at the home straight. This time racers are lined up on the home straight, half on the apron and half of the group at the rail lined up by racer number lowest to highest. I got a rail start near the back behind a few fast wheels hoping that would be good. Roll off and into turn one at a speed that didn’t look fast enough to me to be safe but it was. Gun start next time around, I’m close to the back unfortunately and the race gets up to speed right away. Better than last year, the pace is faster so we get strung out. My plan was to stay behind fast wheels and move up but all the fast wheels I tried to follow failed me. Up to the top of the pack, slowed, down to the middle, slowed, some shaky moves ahead of me and some close moments of indecision by others. Eventually I moved down near the lane and found some room to move up but by then there was a pack of about 5 off the front never to be brought back. Laps were dropping fast by then, 8, 4, 3 and time to gain as much as I could, 1 to go passing a few riders to the finish. Results, 10th of of 18 or 19, one DNF. My original strategy was different then the actual result, surprise, things change during a race, secondary goal was a a top 10 finish, just made that. A confidence builder in that I know I’m not far off the faster of the group.

Tonight, 500 meter/2 lap TT. Not something I routinely train for, just looking for a PR. Linsey has her Scratch race tonight as well. A mixed field of two age groups with about 18 to 20 riders total.

Last night was also Jen’s Team Pursuit effort. She and her teammates did well, felt good about the effort. Not sure of their overall placing but a good result for a first time attempt, way to go Jen.

I did watch Dan’s 2K effort giving him second of all the riders, guaranteed a silver with a chance to ride for gold later tonight too.

Tomorrow is a day off for me, Sprints on Thursday, Points race on Friday. Helping Linsey and Jen on Saturday for Sprints.