Sunday, at the airport

Quick update as the last 2 days have flown by. Friday was a big race day for all of us. I don’t remember all the details but I know I had the first race of the night, 40 lap points and by the feel of it, I plan to be a points racer next year. No great placing and no points but I finally felt good at the end of a race, stayed in to the end, closed a lot of gaps to stay in the pack and dragged a few along with me. Plus, out sprinted at least one guy to the finish to get 14th overall. No points and 14th. Last year 2 points and 11th. That leaves me with 2 14th place finishes for this year and an 11th place sprint qualifier. The final Race Book results are yet to be published. After Friday night, I feel good about the week.

Tim and Mark all finished in the pack in their races. Dan got sabotaged by another American and some others who teamed up to kill the other competitors in his race. Dan tried to bring it all together but eventually DNF’d.

I packed my bike after the race, had a beer and a burger at the Velo snack bar on the spectator level in corner 3 and went back to the house to finish packing.

Saturday was an early bus and the train ride to London, meeting Verbs for a day of sight seeing. Thanks Chris for a great day in London. Saw a lot and crossed a chunk of the town via the tube and ferry.

Back to Manchester, a 2 hour train ride, more packing to get up early and taxi to the airport.

Time to come  home!

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