Points races are back on

After Marty Norstein drives a borrowed van around the track at speed while riders are circulating on the Tarmac entry track the race surface finally dries and Dan’s race is back on. Fast and furious, sprints every 6 laps. It didn’t take long and the race was over with Dan finishing 4th overall with 12 points, 4 points out of first. Great race and finish Dan.
One more race and Derek was up for a combined 30 to 39 points race, 90 laps long. Derek is worried, fast long race with some elite guys that he will need to race this fall in LA. Off to a fast start, Derek eventually gathers a point or two and ends up with a 5th place medal in his class. The two D’s in the room are getting medals, and after this afternoon, the worst I will get in the sprints is a fourth place medal but I expect more.
Two more points races, remember, I’ve been here since 6:30 this morning and now it is about 9:30 and we need to get the awards out to the points racers and then get on with multiple classes of semis and finals.
Awards done, bikes checked in at the weigh in deck, racers lining up on deck and the sprint rounds start. Two, three maybe four races and the rain starts again….
The night is done, people are packing like crazy, I finally get out about 11.
Sprint rounds are scheduled to start at 8 A.M. an hour before the regular schedule is slated to start. Dam, another 5:30 alarm day. Back to the hotel, shower, sandwich, bed.