2nd Saturday, Linsey Sprint Day

I only have 10 minutes before we need to leave home and get back to the track. Linsey is in the Sprint rounds with 6 other girls. So far she did a Flying 200 PR, 12.57, faster than my 200. Very well done Linsey. That got her 3rd fastest qualifier, same as me. She has already done one match against and Aussie and won. That was it for the morning session, a 2 hour break and then back for semis and finals. at 14:30. She looks strong and has a good chance for another podium spot. GOOO Linsey.

More to report as I can fit it in, maybe not until I get home, or if I have some wait time at the airport.

Real quick now, all racing is done and yes Linsey egts another medal, Bronze again in the Sprint Matches. Final ride against and Aussie. She rode masterfully and beat her competitor 2 rounds in a row.

We are all furiously packing and then out for dinner and adult beverages. Very early morning drive to the air port tomorrow and then a long trip home for me and a vacation in Portugal for Linsey.

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