Last night in Oz

Like all vacations, they go by way too fast, especially the final few days that seem to just disappear before you know it. It’s Thursday evening and I fly out of here tomorrow on a 2:00 P.M. flight for the jump backwards in time, out of the coming warm months and into the cold and dark of MN. The Australian track carnivals are just about to start. Bushy is scheduled to race Saturday night at a local event an hour or so north of Sydney. We spent part of our last day at the local Golburn 400 meter asphalt track with Coly, doing a few warm up laps and then some Fying 200 efforts with me leading him out and then Coly leading both of us out. The day started out over cast and cooler but turned into a marvelous afternoon. After the track session, we went over to Roses Cafe and of course, had a coffee and a bit of lunch on the sidewalk,. I was trying to make the day last as long as possible but eventually we needed to go home and I started to pack the bike and wheels up for the trip home. Another stressfull leap of faith that the airlines will actually take care of the Teschner and and the Zipps. The rest of the luggage is about packed and may weigh more going home than coming here. Hopefully, not overweight.
The last dinner in Golburn was at the local Chinese restaurant and then over to Scotty and Michele’s for a cup of tea and a farewell.
The talk continues to be a reconnection in 2011 for a Golburn Dog Pound cyclists do RAGBRAI. Does Iowa have any idea what is in store for them. I think not.