First Race Day is done

Sunday evening and we are chillin out at our home base,  eating and watching TV. The first half of today was easy and vacation like. Slept in again, breakfast, a walk around our neighborhood, some reading, lunch and then eventually to the track. The session didn’t start until 4:00 or rather 16:00. Warm up session started at 2:30 with lots of riders trying to get on. The officials max limit is about 24 so one group of 24 can stay on about 15 minutes and then are whistled off and the next group is allowed on. You can get right back in line again but it’s tough to get a real warm up in. My plan was to do all roller work to warm up. Seemed to work reasonably well.

The first events for Timmer, Dan were 750’s and me a 500! All from a standing start. Expectations are one thing, reality another. We all wanted better times then we got but we have to live with what we got and move on to our next events. Timmer rides tomorrow as does Mark. Timmer a kilo I think and Mark is signed up for Sprint rounds. Mark just got in today so hopefully he gets good sleep tonight and is rested enough to do well. Todays results ended with me in 14th place out of 24, Dan in 14th place out of I guess I don’t know how many and Timmer in 15th out of his group, again I am not sure how many, more than 25 for each of their groups though. This will give all of us good incentives to produce much better results in the next few days. Timmer and Mark tomorrow, Dan, not sure and me on Tuesday. Dan and I have tomorrow off so we can support Mark and Timmer with their events. It really is good to have a few of us here.

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