Friday Morning Update

Three of us raced yesterday, not me, but Timmer, Dan and Mark. Qualifiers in the morning for Dan and Timmer followed by finals in the evening for all three. Dan made the final, Timmer just missed. Finals started at 7 and with me not racing until Friday night I decided to go watch and support the others. Plus I needed dinner and an easy place to get it was the track cafeteria. The track was open for training an hour prior again and with lots of riders and races the line to get on the track was massive. Mark finally got out for a 15 minute session but his race wasn’t until later so rollers for him and Dan both to stay warm.  Here is a short recap of both races or as much as I can remember.

Dan’s Points Race; First Sprint got him 3 points and then he drifted back into the pack trying to get position and good wheels to help him, without a lot of success. No one seemed to want to help Dan improve his position. As the race wound down a group of about 5 or 6 including Dan went off the front and were gaining ground on the field. They were getting close to gaining a lap but just didn’t have enough power to close. At the finish Dan got 3 more points giving him 7th overall. If they would have gained a lap, Dan probably would have won the race.

Mark’s Points Race; Another strong and fast group, no one out there isn’t it seems, so the race was off with a few riders going off the front but not getting anywhere. Mark rode a steady race, rolling to the front for half a lap 2-3 times and then getting back in the draft. He didn’t contest any points sprints but stayed with the leaders for the whole race and finished with the pack. I think Dan said the average speed of the race was 45 KPH or 28 MPH.

Tonight I have a 40 lap points race and plan to have a good strong race, last of my 2012 season.

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