Bushy’s take on the week

Been a great week in OZ with Pat. Racing the worlds has been another earth moving experience, trained hard all winter, yeah we can train outdoors here in the colder months, dropped weight and rode a whole lot better than last year. Two objectives for this years championships, do better than last year and don’t come last, both objectives have been fulfilled with one race to go.

Great atmoshpere racing masters, learnt so much just watching more experienced riders go round, oh yeah listening to Pat’s coach s well. He gave me some great advice, the guy must never sleep, thanks a whole lot. Turn 4 attack on the bell lap, and dropping down at the 30m mark in the flying 200m I will long remember.

Being here with Pat has made it a whole better, unflapable as always , always there to offer support, truly a great friend. He has had a crack in every event and left everything on the track.

So yesterday to celebrate the championships I took him into the centre of Sydney on a ferry and we had a great day, carbo loaded in a pub at the Rocks, walked around and checked out the eye candy, perfect way to focus on the point score race today. Come on you think he goes all the way to OZ and I wouldn’t get him to a pub, un-australian if I didn’t.

Well we are coming into summer here so I will thinking of you lot in your basements on the home trainer grinding out the miles and me travelling the country side racing a track carnivals, carbo loading between carnivals. So if you travel across the ditch about 16,000kms (turn left at Hawaii) head to the Dunc Gray velodrome in Sydney which is identical to the track at Blaine except in true Australian tradition it has a roof and pub attached. Always thinking of the riders they are, keep you out of the sun and keep the fluid up to yourself.

Be safe

Chris aka Bushy