Wednesday, Saint Egreve

This is kind of a down day. It rained all last night and the cloud cover is heavy and low. Not ideal for the 2 hour ride I plan to do. Today is also a sleep in day, find a cafe for breakfast and then find a laundry to wash a pile of dirty clothes, oh and find fuel for the vehicle, soon.

The cafe idea is great but I am finally understanding that breakfast cafes don’t exist here, especially in the small towns. Europeans don’t go out for breakfast, maybe to a bakery for bread and them home. Trying the car’s GPS to search for cafes finds us a quaint little town with 3-4 eating places, none of which are open for breakfast. Back driving around and then we see a laundry mat, score, turn the corner, bakery, score again. Not really breakfast but Quiche and almond croissants and coffee, good enough.

Now, how do we make the washers and dryers work and how much will it cost and oh, we need coins not cash. Stumble around and then it starts to make sense. Bushy is off to find more coin. Laundry done, now time for fuel. As we look we find a restaurant that is busy as we’ve seen, kind of a buffet like place, might as well have lunch, who knows when we will find the next place. More food, fuel the car and back.

I’m ready for a ride, Bushy is taking the day off. 2 hours later, after exploring the near by bike paths and areas, including the start of 2 more climbs that I declined to do, I’m back at the hotel for a little bike maintenance and a relax and movie.

Dinner and then night to get ready for a drive to the next mountain location.