Thursday news

Just a quick update for now.
We are still at the track and Bushy has had a massive day. It’s about 6:30 in the evenining and we have been here since about 7:00 this morning. Warm ups right away while the track was still somewhat clear to do a full on 200. Then into the Fying 200 qualifiers. Chris did a 13.61 and I did a 13.678. Great for Chris, disappointing for me. We were both looking for under 12’s but that didn’t happen.
Long story short, I was in the run offs and then out again due to some DNS, so I was done for the day. Chris got into the top 18 of his age group, 17th to be exact. That got him to one matched sprint which he lost but still made it to a 3 up repachage which was late in the aftenoon. Unfortunately he lost that round so we are done with sprints.
I will have to do better in the upcoming points race on Saturday. I have to get through a 30 lap qualifier to be in the 40 lap final. Should be good.
More to come.