# 2009 USA Master Track Champs, OTC Velodrome Co. Springs

Here I am in Colorado Springs after the first day of competition at Master’s Track Nationals.
Kind of feels a bit surreal, can’t really believe I am here.
Outside, the mountain view to the west is bocked by big nasty rain clouds and it is pouring down rain, with thunder and hailing pea sized ice balls! The weather forcast says there have been tornados around the area.
This may be a theme for the week.
I left last Saturday, driving about 650 miles to North Platte NB. Mostly uneventful except for the down pour going through Des Moines IA. Hot, humid weather in the mid 80’s.
I spent the night in a Holiday Inn Express, poured rain again on and off all night. Woke up to temps in the high 50’s.
Sunday felt like a long day even though I only had to drive another 350 miles. I got stuck in a major traffic jam 30 miles from Colorado Springs for about 45 minutes, finally getting off at an exit with a gas station to have a little “rest” break, whew.
I got on a parallel road and made it to Co. Springs finally about 4 ish. My mapquest directions got me right to the track, fun to see right away. I stopped and asked someone working the track and they didn’t know how to get me to the host hotel. I drove around a bit sight seeing and then called the hotel for directions and finally made it to my home for a week, the Crown Plaza, nothing too fancy but OK enough. My room is on the back side of the hotel, just below Interstate 25, walk out, main floor.
I unpacked and thought I would look for some place to eat and find the track without getting back on I25. About a hour later, finally found the track again. Next time, take I25.
Found a local guy who gave me some tour guide info. I followed his suggesting and found some dinner and a bunch of local stores in an area called Broadmore, next to some upscale residential areas. Noodles and Company invited me to dinner, I took them up on it.
Drove back to the hotel to settle in.
The traffic noise is a bit high but other wise quiet. I can carry all my gear in and out of the patio sliding glass door.
I also can and did set up my rollers to ride a bit after dinner to work out the stiffness from sitting for 15 hours and 1000 miles.
That was it for day 2 of the adventure.