Bags mostly packed, training done, some clothes in a carry on bag, and soon to be off to the airport.
Not without some drama, as I viewed my emails this morning, I find one from a friend, in fact multiple friends telling me my twitter account is hacked and what the hell are these messages you are sending me, I can’t open them!!
On to the computer to update, alert and change settings as much as I can to stop the network craziness.
Now, time to pick some clothes for the next 10 days. Unfortunately, all the room I have left is in my carry on bag, looks like I’m wearing the same clothes every day for 10 days. Both my checked boxes/bags are packed to the weight limits. At least I think they are based on trying to weigh them while standing on a bath room scale. Ever tried holding a 70 pound bike box and trying to read the weight scale at the same time? Should have been a picture.
Oh well, back to packing and then to see what fun the airlines have in store for me during check in.