Monday, easy day for me

Andy has already put in some great rides with a 4th in his IP and a ride for bronze that didn’t bring any flowers home to us. Both of his rides were PR’s, 2 in one day so not bad, sorry that he didn’t get the bronze but we still have some time.

My day is just to relax, easy road ride after a late breakfast. I find some local bike stores not far away so maybe there is a chance for a speed sensor yet, I’ve got all day. Nice easy ride with Google maps pointing the way to.. a closed bike shop! There is another a few miles away that looks open and they are but haven’t got a clue about speed sensors and bike computers, frustrated, I leave and try to ride easy to get back home just trying to enjoy the great sunny weather and discovering parts of the Long Beach area around the Long Beach airport.

I stayed away from the track today even though Andy has some other events going on, just need to conserve energy which mean even the mental energy you burn when just being in the track area. The energy of others just seems to feed on you insidiously draining you.

While I was gone, a bunch of others from MN arrived and filled all the empty spaces left to us. Instead of 4 of us with Steve, we now have Josh, Lazlo, Chad and another friend of Steve’s, Andy. Plus we are gaining others that are connected with some of the team events that are connected to the Minnesotans. Whew, who’s locked to who, where does my bike go, who’s rollers can I use, is this your stuff or do you know who owns this, on and on and on. This is where you need to learn how to not burn too much energy and relax amongst the chaos, breathe….