Tuesday, quick update

So I should be in bed, Derek is already as he should be. He races tomorrow right away again.
Here’s the tally for today, total of 4 races run between the three of us, Derek, Dan and me.
Dan has a 2nd place in his kilo, Derek a 6th place in his kilo. I have a 9th my 500 TT and then a 7th in my evening scratch race. Almost got 5th but I got passed by 2, rather I dragged 2 to the finish and then they passed below me even though I thought I was in the lane. I opened a small window and they walked, rather sped through. Up until then the race was fast and I was responding to all the breaks that I thought might work. I even saw and chased the winning break with about a lap and half to go only to be pushed below the lane because someone dropped down without looking and almost took out my front wheel. I’ll never know if it really would have made a difference. Overall, a good, fast race, lots of attacks with the pace never really dropping off much at all.
OK, I can’t focus much anymore so I guess it’s time to call it a day.
More tomorrow. Goodnight.