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WTF is wrong with Humans? 

How many thousands of years have we been at this and what we have now is the best we can do? My World View and yours may not align or maybe not even come close to being similar, so be it. 

It’s 2020 and the world is under siege by a virus and by world and country leaders that want to argue about how to best help stop killing citizens everywhere. It really shouldn’t have to be that difficult when the motivation is appropriate. It’s not bad enough that wars continue to be one of the only things that humans have figured out how to do well. I feel like I’m in the middle of the newest Netflix world catastrophe or Zombie apocalypse movie. Most of those however have some kind of “lived happily ever after” ending. 

Those in power or leadership positions worldwide seem to be more interested in increasing their power and wealth rather than be concerned about the regular population. Have we really made the world different than what it was under serfdoms? 

In maybe a simplistic view, what would happen if the general population actually had enough money to live a decent reasonable life, whatever that definition is certainly is up for discussion. What if the general population, all the population (all genders, all lifestyles) was actually educated to at least more than an eighth-grade level? With those accomplishments handled, would each of us feel threatened by those who are different in some way from us, race, ethnicity, gender, desires and ways to accomplish those desires and goals. Why does the decision always seem to be “me” at the expense of “you”? Why isn’t the decision success and accomplishment of you and me cooperatively? Maybe too much to ask.

What’s to become of the human race in the near future? It seems like all those literary works that were written years ago that we thought would never be real about the demise of society have already come to be the truth. Is the plan just to continue to make the general population sicker, dumber, less to be concerned about until they just don’t exist anymore? We already can’t seem to even feed the worlds population even though grocery stores in the richest nations are so full of food that it can’t be sold fast enough and has to be sent to garbage. We have nations conspiring with one another to bomb and destroy neighboring countries and populations causing immigration crises around the world. If you and your family lived in a war-torn environment would you not try to find a place of safety? 

I admit, I am certainly one of the lucky ones in this world. I have most if not all of the privileges that an older white male who bought into the work hard and make the most of your life plan. I did so while not paying as much attention to the world around me and how others were systematically dispossessed. Left to make a way through life surviving in a way even though it wasn’t a way that was “approved” by the controlling ruling class. 

It’s time we pay attention and do better or be doomed to ever failing society, at least for all but the wealthiest and most powerful. 

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