1st Sunday, everyone but me

News from Manchester is the NSC plus one boys are Worlds Masters Champions in the Team Pursuit, edging out the Brits in the final on Saturday. Dan Casper, James Tainter and Tim Mulrooney plus a CA rider, David Brinton, finished the final with some excitement. The team was down to 3 riders, David was off early, and with one lap to go James rolls off the front in turn one and drops off the pace only to realize that he needs to finish strong as the 3rd man across the line. The champ in him said yes and did complete the ride before the brits with only a few seconds to spare. The brits were down to 3 riders as well. Linsey and I were there to witness and support the Champs. Well done!

And Just finished with her 2K, Linsey drops 4 seconds off her PR collecting 6th place overall I believe. The field size was in the teens I believe so great job Linsey! 2:41 and change. I’ll update this later with more exact numbers.

I tried to get an extra race in on Saturday, Team Sprint, over 65. Only 3 teams were signed on, 2 American and one from Holland and even the last Holland guy waited until 15 minutes before close of sign in time to sign on. Only one American team was really trained to do the event so they won handily even though their lead rider slipped off turn 2 after his turn at the front. I tried to organize a last-minute team to contest but couldn’t find another pair of riders to join me. Too bad, 3 teams, 3 medals and the times were not that fast, 55.?? won it.

I did get on the track early in the day, 9 A.M. to 10 A.M., for some warm up laps. Time I scheduled and paid for during my registration. Felt ok, planning to feel better. Rollers for a while prior to and then warm up gear for a while and then fast wheels and race gear for a while just getting used to the track and some half efforts.

Feeling kind of foolish though, Saturday was the first we could pick up our rider packets and I needed to confirm a race that I really hadn’t planned to do here, 2K. Symptom of this last summer with a lot of things happening with my brain not fully engaged. My 2K at US Nats was an add on second thought that was planned. This one, I distinctly remember asking myself if I should do it and the answer was no. The rider list came out earlier last week and I really didn’t pay much attention to it until Friday when I saw a check mark next to “Registered for 2K”.  As I picked my packet I asked, “Can you confirm my events” and the answer was all 5, including a Wed. Morning 2K. More reason to be rested early in the week.

Linsey and I are trading some equipment, she gets to use the Mavics for her TT events, I get to use her HED aero bars for my 2K. First time TT’s have ever been on the Dolan. They fit and as I rode around the infield warm up circle on them, they seemed to be ok.

Today, up early, 6:30 and breakfast and get ready to drive Linsey to the track for her first race event. She got through all her warm up and I got a chance to do a 20 minute roller session just to keep active. As I said earlier, she did great, couldn’t stand after the effort so that’s all the linsey there was for that effort, again, great result Linsey.

Back at the house relaxing, maybe back to the track to watch some more of the guys efforts later today. My first race is a Scratch Race Monday evening session, 500TT Tuesday evening, 2K Wed morning, Sprints Thursday A.M. and Friday A.M. with a Points race Friday as well. Sat is a day off and then fly home Sunday.

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