Wednesday, raining

I got up early again after a good nights sleep only to find it raining. Searching for news and schedules I find that Monday nights last race got called mid way and is scheduled to be run as the first event this morning. That would be Jeff’s race. He and I are both at the track now but the rain is steady and the sky looks like major over cast. The weather maps show rain north of us but not here, obviously wrong. It’s hard to tell what will happen but it doesn’t look like we will race anytime soon. Warm up time is a big question mark. Might only be rollers. Not ideal. Maybe it’s time for a coffee. Is the concession stand open?

Just got an email from USA cycling, racing to restart at 10 this morning, Starbucks? Not long after got another email. Restart at 12, yes, I found a Starbucks for additional breakfast and a Latte. Time to hang out at the track in the car, a little nap and some reading and social media to waste the time. Eventually the rain stopped and the clouds got higher. Staff and leaf blowers were all over the track and racers started to appear. Jeff Anderson showed up to get ready for the second half of his points race that got rain delayed the night before when there were only a few sprinkles of rain. We both found a spot under the loaner roller tent and set up shop. About 11:30, the track opened for warm up until noon which actually lasted until about 12:10.

Jeff’s race was off to fast start and he grabbed the first points sprint adding to his totals from the night before. He was doing good until another rider crashed his front wheel and he had to come off for a replacement. He rode off after the repair but his rear wheel was twisted in the frame and he had to come back to re tighten it. Back in the race but off the lead pack, he and another rider clawed back onto the lead pack but by then one guy was off the front and eventually won. I think Jeff got 5th after all that so bad luck, but got a medal to take home. Great ride Jeff.

A few TT’s from a women’s age group and before I knew it they were calling my group. I went to the home straight based on what the schedule said the night before but that was changed and I really was on the back straight, and my competitor on the home straight was my matched sprint competitor. Jeff Helgeson is an official here and was working the back straight and was my holder. (no automatic gates here, they rarely work consistently anyhow) This is my first 2K ever at a major event so I didn’t figure a time schedule or have anyone call out times, just shoot from the hip. I stated good, probably too strong and fast, kind of sagged a lot on lap 3 of 6, recovered some and then had a good 6th lap. 2:58.316 @ 40.378 average speed. Good enough for 10th out of 13 with 1 DNS. I was the last ride under 3 minutes and I was hoping to be around 2:56.00 so overall good. My first kilo was 8th fastest and my second kilo was 10th fastest. My competitor fished 4-5 seconds faster.

Jeff and I packed up and headed to Subway for some food. Jeff scheduled for a scratch race later today. I have a spare 404 with so he has that to use instead of his damaged Fast Forward wheel. Good luck Jeff. I think Dan Casper has a race tonight too, not sure. Maybe James too.

Casper by the way got 2nd in the Kilo yesterday but doing do so kicked James up to 4th. 3 medals for the NSC crew in 1. 5 days. I have to work harder.

Early up again tomorrow for my 500.

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