Closing in

This is really my most fun part of the track season. I become more focused on one prime event, the week of Masters Track Championships. This is the second of 6 years that Manchester UK will host the event, my second time back to Manchester, fourth time back to Worlds. Training is a bit challenging due to cool weather and sometimes rain. Today is a perfect example, yesterday’s summer weather has become today’s  fall weather. The wind is up, the temps are down and darkness comes early to the NSC site. Last Saturday was great fun, Linsey, Dan Casper and Mark Stewart who are all planning to make late season championship events training together and helping each other out. Great energy in the place. There were other’s out too of course so it all becomes a more active training site than just about any other time of year.

Mark caught up with me later in the day Saturday and asked me if I saw the rider list for Worlds this year. Why? Well it looks to be the biggest 60-64 field in the last 4 years. 30 riders as of today, maybe more to sign up. That sounds great but a bit intimidating as well. Qualifiers for the scratch and points races are guaranteed if all the riders sign up. (Max field is 24) The sprint rounds ought to be exciting. Unfortunately I haven’t seen a list for each race so I will just have to wait and see.

While I am waiting, I guess I just need to train harder, sleep better and prepare for a great World Championship.

2 thoughts on “Closing in

  1. Best of Luck in Manchester Pat. Sorry we missed you today. Hope practice went well.
    Zander and I likely won’t see you again until spring. 🙁
    Travel safe, pedal fast.

    1. Thanks Brad, spring will be here before we know it. Z, keep training you are doing great. Sorry we couldn’t sprint each other last week end but soon enough.

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