1/4 Finals next

On to the quarter finals, where there can be three rides against each competitor, best of three goes on to the next round. The day keeps grinding on because we need to go through multiple age groups and lots of competitors, mens and women’s classes both to get to the Semi finals which will be decided later in the evening after a bunch of points races.
My next competitor makes it easy for me. I started in position 1, low on the track for the first ride and position 2 for the second ride. Both times my opponent let’s me keep him on my right hip on lap one and going through turn one on lap two and then I drop down to the lane and make my break. The second time he is closer to me but still a bike length or two back. No third ride this time, I am in the semifinals in the evening. Quick, load up, back to the hotel for a snack, nap and then back to the track for a repeat warm up.
The evening races will be faster, so time to go to a bigger gear to try and keep up. My first rides will be against the #1 qualifier, 2 out of 3 rides and the winner goes to the finals. Oh, first we need to get 5 different points races in. Both Derek and Dan are now racing as well so the tent isn’t as lonely as the first half of the day.
Dan’s race is up before Derek. 60 lap points race. Dan is off and doing well, gaining some points until about lap 30 when the rain comes and the race is neutralized while we wait out the rain. Eventually it stops and with the help of a van driving on the track, the surface dries.