# 2011, Ely, MN, Dog Sledding 101

This must be a relaxed trip. I got all my winter wear ready for the dog sledding weeks ago and tonight instead of getting ready I’m working on rollers and other cycling stuff. Just being lazy I guess.
Tomorrow we leave for Ely and Wintergreen Lodge, home to Paul Schurke’s dog sledding adventures. It’s a quick trip for the novices, only 2 days on trails and nights at the lodges along the way. Bags of warm gear are packed plus a few normal essentials. It feels really good not to have a bike, spare wheels, rollers, pumps, gears, etc to pack and haul along.
Should be fun, I’ll try to post as the next few days go with pictures of lots of white and plenty of husky dog butts.

Just off the trails and relaxing before dinner. We went out this morning for a few hours traveling across Iron Lake and then into a spruce bog area for our warm up first ride to get used to the dogs and sleds. Quite an adventure. Back for another great meal, a few stories and then to the lake where we left the dogs harnessed to the sleds. A couple of dogs are chewers so a harness was eaten, lucky there are spares. Our dog team got adjusted and we lost Able my favorite lead dog. We were back up to 5 but as we crossed the lake what looked like a new fast team was a really slow team, slower than our morning trip with 4 dogs. John and Sue were our day guides and they decided to adjust the teams and even out the power. We got Dozer, you can tell by his name that he was a monster. It made a big difference. We were last in the line of five sleds but certainly not the slowest. The next couple of hours we spent crashing through the woods and across the lakes until we found our way back to the lodge. I here that dinner is almost on so that’s all for now

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