Tuesday and Wednesday

Not too much to update about right now. Tuesday morning was an easy half hour early training ride to to continue to feel comfortable on the track and keep the legs fresh. As the day progressed the weather got worse with rain showing up.
Tuesday evening was a wash out so neither Dan Schueller or Dan Casper got to race. They were there and about ready but no go.
We all ended up back at the hotel with me getting an early to bed night because the open training session on Thursday got shifted to 6 to 8 A.M. I got up a bit late but still made it to the track at 6, first one there, including officials. It was dark, with all the track lights still on and lightening in the sky. Not good.
Rain started about 6:15 and basically has continued all day long. A drying period, almost ready to open the track and then more rain over and over again. I spent a half an hour on the rollers under a tent, sat around a lot, read a book for a while, wandered around some and eventually gave up and went back to the hotel about 2:30 or so.
The track did re open about 6 and some of last nights schedule was run. The latest word is Dan S. got his race in and may have finished provisionally, 8th or 9th as per Andy Kruse.
Dan Casper is racing as we speak with results in soon unless there is more rain.
Tomorrow, up early to see what adjustments have been made to the schedule because tomorrow is my full day of Sprints, 200 qualifier with matched sprint heats to follow. I’m a little disappointed about not getting any activation in today but it was a relaxing day and not any heat stress.
More as the week progresses.