Tuesday, I think?

Today we were up at 5:30 ugh!! We are at the velodrome right now and it seems a bit strange to be sitting at the base of turn one below the track on the infield logged in and posting this blog. It’s a day off for me but Chris has his Pursuit to do. He is in the first group and 4th out. He has a optimistic time schedule set, under 3 minutes. I will be calling out splits in turn one as his handler. He’s warming up now and I’m being a slug, which is fine for me. I still feel sleepy due to time changes, different beds, some snoring from the bed next to me and all the excitement of the week.
After his warm down we plan to do a very light road ride from the velodrome to a closed course bicycle only road race course that is up the raod a bit from the velodrome. On the way back there is a crit course right next to the velodrome to try out as well. Our facilty in Blaine is great but I can’t believe how nice this place is. I’ll get some more photos up later.