Final thoughts about Indy 2013

The wrap up for me;

Indy Track Champ Results, 5 races entered. 

Sprints; 7th out of 10

2K TT; 10th out of 12

500 TT; 15th out of 16

30 Lap Points Race (10K); 8th out of 11

15 Lap Scratch Race (5K); 6th out of 11

First year trying to race my own training program with the focus being endurance races not sprints

I have learned a lot about training, mostly there is a lot to learn about effective training

I feel stronger and healthier than I can remember in the last few years

I have had some more fun with road rides that weren’t part of a Sprinters training plan last year

I have peaked at exactly the right time of the year for Master Track Champs

I still love all there is to do with bikes, bike rides, bike equipment, the people who ride bikes and track racing in particular

I am still focused on some 2013 State Championship Events at NSC, but no Worlds this year.

I am unsure of next years over all plans for US Masters and Worlds Masters, I more up an age group next year.

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