Another off day for me before two days of racing, kind of slept in after staying up too late again. Last night was my 500TT, crazy short race for all the warm up time required. Not without a bit of drama though. A little late getting ready but not too bad. Time for what should be my really fast wheels. Installed and on track warm ups done. Time to sit a bit and then some rollers. Start list says 3rd event, back straight. Check. One last roller warm up, oh dam the rear tire just went almost flat. Crap, put the not quite as fast but certainly fast FFWD rear 4 spoke on. I had indications that this rear tire was questionable back home but tried numerous times to check for leaks and problems, even as soon as the day I got here but it’s been fine. In anticipation of problems I did stretch and partially glue up 2 spare tires and bring supplies to replace tires if needed, not ideal but it’s happened to me here before. Tire glueing tonight and tomorrow is in order.

My goal was to break 40 seconds in the 500. Ambitious for this year. It’s not an event I really practice much at all and all my earlier season attempts have been ordinary at best. The gear choice was a bit big but I planned to use it to determine a proper Sprint day gear. Overall, good start, hard effort, lots of watts and cadence for me resulted in 40.927 second result giving me another 10th place overall finish out of 16. 2 races, two 10’s. As another racer told me, top ten in the world, fun stuff. My time was the first in the 40 second range a PR for me for 2016, everyone else was below that with first place result being 37. 251. I’m not that far off.

Tonight was Linsey’s 20 lap Scratch race with 2 combined age groups to make aa field of almost 20. Another lady racer that is staging in our area is in the race as well, next age group up from Linsey. 20 laps isn’t a lot, 2 went off the front early, the pack caught them with about 11 to go and everyone sat up some. Linsey in the back watching the action. With about 5 to go the pace increased and Linsey rotated up and over most everyone. Down into the lane area with about 3 to go, good position. With 1 plus to go the crowd came in and started to block her. At the finish, 4th overall only a few centimeters out of the medals. Great Ride. Camie, first timer here, grabbed a Bronze in the other age group, her first race, wait to go.

Linsey, Jen and Camie have a 500 TT later today (Wed), first events of the afternoon/evening schedule. I’m in support for a while but need to get good sleep tonight, very early start up for Sprint day tomorrow.

Earlier today, a trip to the velo for Linsey roller time and then an attempt to get a deal on what sounded like 2 FFWD 4 spoke wheels but after locating the bike shop that had them, realized there was only a front wheel, an ok deal but not a great deal. Turned into a fun tourist drive to see a few more areas around Manchester. Back to the house and finish the tire glue up, watch some more Netflix (Orange is Black and Sherlock Holmes are the picks so far), lunch and afternoon snack before shuttle time to the velo. Plan to be back by 8 wish for a good nights sleep.