3rd Monday, Brussels to Germany

Today was a lot easier than we originally planned. Unfortunately we needed to make some on the go travel plan changes. Our plan to stay in Germany got confused because the time share I got is in the Eifel National forest region but the town area is called Saltzberg, not to be confused with Salzburg! Yeah, that is what we did. Made plans to fly to Salzburg only to realize at 10 hours before boarding that if we flew to Salzburg we would need to drive almost 8 hours to get to Salzberg. Now what? Not everyone likes American Express nut they have saved me numerous times when making travel plans and this time they excelled. I call they at midnight Brussels time and got a great deal on a Mercedes diesel wagon we could use for 2 weeks, unlimited mileage, so we could drive the 2 hours from Brussels to Saltzberg. Cab to the airport in the morning (Barely fit all our luggage and us into the cab) pick up a Hertz car for our next leg of travel. I also signed up for a free Gold status online at midnight too to get extra benefits like a car with GPS.

The drive to Germany was painless except for the major fog in Belgium and our lack of knowledge about this fancy car. We left the airport and just started driving not knowing where we were going just to get out of rush hour traffic. Not being able to see around us was an issue. Eventually I found an exit, pulled off the road and figured out the GPS and adjust the car mirrors, etc. A U-turn and we were off to Germany. A road side stop for a breakfast snack and 2 before we know it we are entering an amazing forest and hill area that is the Eifel National Forest. GPS got us right to the door of the time share at about noon instead of late Monday night. Check in was easy, our room is first floor with easy patio entrance to haul luggage in. Bike set up time, a trip to the local grocery for the weeks supplies and then back for lunch and laundry. The place is great, full bedroom, full kitchen, full living room with a fold out couch so we each get a separate bed room. Beats the last 3 “cozy” spaces we’ve been in to date.

The rest of the night was dinner at the local brewery and schnitzel house for a great meal. Back home and a Netflix movie connected to the house TV.  Best nights sleep in the making, so quiet and peaceful compared to the major city life of Brussels.