At the airport

Wow! Thanks American. Free to fly a bike box to Europe because that’s what they do over there. Ride bikes that is. No $150 to $200 extra charge. Plus no extra fees for my one other checked bag. I must be traveling in the 80’s again.
I checked in online last night and got a first class upgrade to Chicago for $40 and a preferred upgrade to Manchester for another $40. Maybe that helped.
Another hour and I am in the sky.

In Chicago now and the trip is so much better than most plane rides. Through some luck and planning , I am able to hang out in the AA Admirals Club for a few hours before leaving for the UK. First time for this kind of luxury. I am sitting in a big comfy room with a bar and dining enjoying a Stella while waiting to depart. Maybe some food up here before the flight and then a long ride getting to Manchester about 8 AM. Hopefully sleeping along the way.

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