At MSP airport

At the airport, relaxing before I take off, it’s finally starting to feel like a vacation. Manchester should be interesting, from their web site and all the rules posted, It seems like a very busy place. The problem is finding time to get some open track time in before we actually race. Thanks to Chris, I got to the right web page and found training times but they are restrictive at best. 2 hour slots divided into pursuit, sprint, endurance and other beginner and experienced classes. Oh, and they all cost money per session. (20 pounds per session) I got a 2 hour slot on Saturday, sprint training, who knows how and what that will be. I also have some time scheduled on Sunday. Maybe I can get some time tomorrow night too but that will be after traveling all night so just some easy laps To see what the track feels like. It’s all an adventure though so I just need to stay flexible and take advantage of this chance to go and have some fun. It will be great to have Casper, Stewart and Schuller along for the ride too.