Short and sweet today; I am at the track, it’s about 1 PM and we just had lunch at the track buffet which was moved from the outdoor tent to inside because it has been raining all morning. The buffet has been great but the staff really hasn’t done anything to let the racers know it’s happening other than hope the word spreads as people use it. The rain is bad for the track because there are leaks everywhere. Especially bad because 3 leaks are on the track surface, just out of turn 4, middle of the back straight and about 4 feet below the rail in 3. The two that are on the straights have guys with towels running up and drying them between riders that come by on their 200 efforts. I feel bad for the track personnel.
Back to racing. I got here early and went through my warm up session and got it all it, even though the track didn’t open until 8:10 and was closed at 9. My effort was the 51st ride of the morning and with the rain delay finally I rode about 11. It felt like a good effort, 1 little bobble going into 1, I got close to a sponge as I came into turn one full on and scooped up too far above the red line between 1 and 2 to avoid hitting the sponge, losing a few 1/10’s I am sure. Came home with a 13.03. I was looking to break into the 12’s and probably would have except for my erratic move in between 1 and 2. That time qualified me 8th overall and from the looks of it my age group qualifies 8 with the 1/8 rides starting after 7 tonight.
So time to relax and maybe nap at bit at the track and start over again tonight. Matched sprints, here we go.
I already feel better compared to last years worlds where I only qualified 16th or 17th. Thanks Chris for all the advice and work, and you too Bob for all the motor 200’s.