Monday, warm up session

I woke up Monday refreshed and ready to go to the track for the open track session.
I got there and found a few people wandering around. It was still before 9 so not much was happening.
There really wasn’t anyone around to ask about the schedule so I just changed into my kit and got the Teschner ready for it’s maiden voyage in Colorado.
The first half lap was nervous but I started to feel at home half way around.
Chris Ferris, my coach for the last year, prepared some routines and gear choices for me to use which worked out well.
I spent about an hour and a half on the track doing some warm up, small gear riding, tracing my 200 sprint lines repeatedly to get them stuck permanently in my head.
Great morning. The track close for a half hour to set up some timing tapes and then was open again.
About that time, Dave Gray, Linda Sone, Skibby and Tainter showed up. Good to see some familiar faces.
I did a few more laps and then called it a day for day one on the track.
The rest of the day was buying some supplies I forgot, getting dinner and mostly relaxing at the hotel.
Went to bed early after packing for Tuesdays first race.