That’s all there is!

It’s done, all but the trip home. Back at the original hotel not far from the airport, Charles de Gaul. Huge drive back from the Pyrenees today. The last hour through rain and rush hour from south/sud Paris to north/nord Paris was a huge challenge, slow and complicated, lots of emergency vehicles, motorbikes and scooters rushing past in between car lanes, crazy! Eventually back to the hotel to return the key we left with the first day. very friendly place. Time for scotch and dinner, wine and coffees.

We returned the rental car to EuropeCar at the airport and that was anti climatic. Just left it in a parking slot and brought the key to a helper who asked if everything was OK, then we left. Cab back to the hotel, 15 minutes and $20 Euros later. The cab drivers are very willing to NOT  give the proper change back. I just waited with my hand out and eventually got the change back. No tip for a driver who adds extra cost when he can’t figure out where to go when our place is only 15 minute drive away.

Dinner, great food. We sit ext to a couple who recognize the Aussie shirt I am wearing and we find out they are from Melbourne. We talked and exchanged stories the whole time. Drinks, starters, main plats and desserts. the hosts are great. Kind of a strange area, close to the airport yet quite and small townish. I would recommend it. Hotel et Maison hotels Les Herbes Folles in Mauregard, 15 minutes from Charles de Gaul airport. Great idea to have the 1st and last nights stay almost on top of the airport, very convenient bushy, good planning.

Tomorrow, up early, breakfast maybe with our Aussie friends and then early to the airport. It’s French election weekend and the airlines recommend an early arrival for security reasons. (We have already experienced 2 terrorist attacks while in Europe, one in London and one in Paris)

Our hopes are easy check in with our bikes and extra luggage and acceptable travels.

See you soon USA.