January cold spell

Mid January and I already see posts about warm weather and when will it come back to Minnesota. All I can say is, relax, enjoy this season and use this time to unwind and prepare for spring and summer. They will be here before you can believe it.

It’s been kind of challenging but fun to try and develop my own training patterns and routines. Right now they aren’t very intense and kind of work around how I feel and when I can get time to fit them in. I know full well that the hard stuff is still ahead in the very near future. All I know for sure is I plan to be back at a 100 mile ride with the MN Ironman bike ride again this spring, 1st time I’ve done the 100 in a few years. Should be fun, new routes, new plans for the 2013 season of endurance oriented racing instead of focusing on sprinting.

The NSC Bike swap is only about 2 weeks away and that seems to be about the time training season gets back up to full speed.

Here we go…

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