Sunday one, Team Sprint day, competition starts today

Ray from Boulder agreed to be my partner for this event back in April of this year and we’ve been looking for the third guy since without any success. Dan Casper heard about a local coach with someone in mind. I know the coach from past events and after connecting we may have a team mate. Sunday arrives, still no 3rd but he is expected to attend. About 3 hours before we race, Bill shows and we meet. The coach thought he would be a good fit, our age group, no idea how fast or slow or if he knows how to do a Team Sprint. The coach already mentioned he would be good for man 2, Ray needs to be man 1 due to his poor eyesight, legally blind but able to see lines on the track so Ray is good. I was already prepped for man 3 so that’s how it goes.

We start on the back straight, another team on home straight. We get on track, Ray in the gate, the other team takes what seems like forever and then at the gun they false start, one of them pulling out of the pedals. My last Boulder race as man 2 resulted in a decent time even though I had one of my worst starts ever. This first start was great, just need to repeat. I’ve been waiting a year for this so the gun goes off again and I am off, leading my partners all the way to the start finish line on the home straight before dropping in. Ray does well, pulls off, Bill is ok to, last is up to me and I do a better time then my lap 2 in Boulder, great for me.

Only 9 teams registered, one DNS’d and we get 7th of the remaining 8. Not last, first time together, opening attempt, I’m happy, encouraged with the possibilities ahead.

Tomorrow is a day off, 20 lap 5K Scratch race upcoming on Tuesday evening. Should be a fun week.