## Sailing, an old hobby renewed

Below are a few of my adventures while sailing a petite Cape Dory 22D sailboat in and around the local area. I’ve owned this boat since new in 1983, sailed it a lot for about 10 plus years until other hobbies like ballroom dance and then Track Cycling took hold of me. The boat was stored on a trailer outside, covered for 10 to 15 years. All the rigging and interior were stored indoors so even though it was neglected I took care of it so that someday it could be put back into service. It’s a great little boat, I like to say it’s a big boat want to be. Lots of amenities that larger boats have, an inboard Yanmar 7.5 horse power diesel motor for when sailing is not possible, a mini sink, ice box, toilet, room to sleep two in the vee birth, very cozy. Two quarter births that sleep one each, again very cozy. Tiller steered, ok size cockpit that holds maybe up to 4, not socially distanced. Sturdy, 3 foot draft and lots of weight in the full keel make it very durable in bigger waves. Cape Dory made a bunch of sail boats of all sizes mostly bigger than the 22D back in the 70’s and 80’s when sailing was booming and fuel costs were high and short. (Although fuel prices are much higher now and power boats seem to be the thing, not sure what social commentary that is) They were an east coast USA manufacturer and their boats were quality products for a somewhat reasonable amount of money for a luxury item. Back in the early 80’s I was bitten by the sailing bug stoked by friends who lived in Florida. Sailed some in the Keys, made one crossing to the Bahamas and spent a raucous two weeks over the new year back then. Had dreams of getting into a larger boat and maybe doing ocean cruising. (That never happened) Became a licensed Coast Guard Captain for 10 years. I was really committed or maybe should have been committed.

2019 was the year I brought Chalice back to life. I spent a ton of time early in the summer revitalizing it, renewed a boat slip in Pepin WI and eventually dropped it into the water at Watergate marina in St Paul and motored it down river to Pepin in late June, early July. I knew I wouldn’t have a lot of time to spend on it that summer but the goal was to get it in and do enough trials to decide what other systems needed service after sitting so long. It was a good summer, a few sails, spent some weekends on it overnight, had some fun and found my love of sailing again. Stored it with the mast up for the first time ever over the 2019/2020 winter at Pepin Marina.

I plan to post my journal of the 2019 river trip down soon but for now I’m posting my 2020 trip back up the river to Watergate. The local marina is easier to get to so I can do some bigger projects in planning before bringing the boat up to Barkers Island in Superior WI on Lake Superior for the 2021 season.

Just click on the menu items below this header to see my daily journals, first my most recent trip just completed yesterday 10/3/20. Eventually 2019 will appear.